AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treatments safe?

The treatments used in trials have already been studied in labs and in animals, and have been approved by the FDA. Some treatments do cause uncomfortable side effects. You will be informed of these before entering a trial. We will help you manage any side effects, and will monitor your health very closely.

What if I get sicker while I am on study?

We will monitor you closely for side effects and complications, and work with your primary care doctor. If you become too ill, you will be taken off study.

Can I continue to receive care from my own doctor?

Yes. You must be followed by your private doctor while you are enrolled in a study. Our staff will work closely with your physician to help you stay as healthy as possible.

Is my participation kept confidential?

Yes. Patient data is collected with references to specific names and is highly confidential.

Will I receive reimbursement?

Some studies offer cash. At the ACTU, we can help connect you with resources you may need to participate, such as transportation, child care and food.

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